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Updated 8/1/2022 Hawaii Community Acupuncture
(community-style group acupuncture)
 will remain closed until further notice to help reduce community transmission of COVID-19.
If you have any questions,
please feel free to call us 808-854-5063. 
Mahalo for your understanding.

E Komo Mai! Welcome!

$30-$60 Sliding Scale Community Acupuncture

$35-$60 first visit, you decide what you pay

Hawaii Community Acupuncture offers affordable, effective acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale of $30-$60 per treatment. First Visit $35-$60. You decide what you pay; no proof of income required; no questions asked. Our mission is to provide the best possible care and make it available to everyone. Please browse through the site to learn more about Hawaii Community Acupuncture and our services.  Click here to schedule your appointment! We hope to see you soon!

How Can We Charge So Little?

Thanks for asking!  The short answer is that we want you to come back often and with friends and family. What we don’t make per treatment we make over the course of many treatments with many people.

Here’s the long answer: Community acupuncture is a social enterprise: a for-profit model with a social dividend. 

We owe our existence entirely to you, our patients. When we fill up our comfy chairs with a steady stream of patients, we stay in business.


We hope you value our services and trust you’ll tell your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues about us and spread the word.

By providing consistently accessible treatments, we can help the people in our communities get back to work faster, not have to quit their hobbies, and continue to contribute to their own communities outside of the office.

Simplifying Acupuncture in the U.S.

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been a “people’s medicine”–low-tech, inexpensive, readily available. Somehow, when acupuncture was introduced to the US over 40 years ago it became a luxury item with a hefty price tag ($50-$350 per treatment), private treatment rooms, and lots of talking. Since most U.S. acupuncturists see only one or two patients per hour they need to charge more per treatment to cover their expenses. Acupuncture works best when used frequently and regularly. We make it possible for you to come in often enough to get well and stay well. We’ll always provide a safe environment and skilled practitioners.

Community Acupuncture eliminates the high cost and excessive talk. We see multiple patients at a time in a quiet, soothing, shared setting, in comfortable recliners (not massage tables). This works!  Treating this way makes it easy for friends and family to come in together for treatment. And the collective energy of people healing in the same space actually makes individual treatments more powerful.

By making acupuncture affordable, we support people’s commitment to the process of building a strong foundation of health over time.


Many people on their first visit do not feel the insertion of the needles. Since acupuncture is a stimulation therapy, it is not uncommon to feel some sensation. Many report feeling a deep or distending feeling at the point of insertion which lasts for a short amount of time – this is called “de qi” and is therapeutic.

The needles can stay inserted for 25 minutes to an hour or more, depending on how you feel. Soothing music in the background will help you relax. Many people even fall asleep. An eye-mask with a tailor made essential oil blend complements your chinese medicine diagnosis for a truly individualize and spectacular healing experience!

   What to Expect After Treatment

Individual response to treatment varies. Your relief may be immediate, delayed for a few hours or even develop after 1 to 3 days.  Its very helpful for the acupuncturist to  know your experience so please share what you are noticing after your treatment!

    Course of Treatment

It is important however to remember that acupuncture is a process, and one which usually takes multiple treatments to help most conditions. This could be anywhere from 1-12 treatments depending on your constitution and the conditions being treated, at an interval of 1-3 visits per week in most cases. In general, acute conditions are quicker to treat than longstanding chronic ones. A treatment plan is discussed with you during the initial intake. On subsequent visits, we do a quick check-in to see how you’ve been feeling since the previous treatment, and if anything new has come up which needs to be addressed. We always check your tongue and pulse for changes. This gives us valuable information as to how you are responding to treatments. Time to sit back, breathe, and enjoy!


The Community Acupuncture Movement

We are a proud member of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a network of acupuncturists,

patients, clinics and organizations all dedicated to promoting the practice of affordable, accessible acupuncture.  Do you have a friend or family member in another city or state who needs affordable acupuncture?  Go to to find POCA clinics across the country and beyond.

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