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Community Acupuncture works wonders: Amazing! I felt myself coming down with a flu virus – Julie took such good care of me! 3 days later, I am on the other side, something that would have laid me up for 7-10 days in the past. Huge Mahalo, Julie! – Hope S.

Just had community acupuncture.  Its like taking a vacation in the middle of the week.  How does it get even better than that? I’ll be back… a lot!  – D.S.

I was nervous because it was my first acupuncture session.  But the needles didn’t hurt and now I feel lighter and clearer and I don’t have the neck tension I came in with.  – N.T.

Can we clone you, Julie?  I could barely walk back in December and you gave me a jump start in my life a year ago.  Thank you!  – S.F.

I had sciatica that went down to my knees and even my toes. Massage didn’t help but the massage therapist recommended Julie. After one treatment it already feels much better. - J.P.

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